Pet peeves: Winter edition

As much as I love Chicago, there are things here that irritate me, especially when weather comes in to play. Let’s just say, when it rains, your morning commute can become a nightmare. But, that’s life in the big city where you rely on public transportation and tourists are a way of life. So in the celebration of this season, […]

Getting back out there…or not

While I was home for the holidays, I logged on to my Ok Cupid app just to…look around. I’m still spending some time in sad city/bummerland so my friends suggested I “get back out there” to try and take my mind off things. I didn’t expect Prince Charming to appear, but when I was deleting old emails, I came across […]

Post painting return to normalcy

This weekend was full of two things: organizing and cleaning. Plus, a little drinking. What drove me to drink? Well, I hate coming home to a mess. When I go to work, I pick up before I leave, same when I go on trips. Friday, when I got the call that painting was (finally) over in my apartment, I went […]

When home becomes an episode of Hoarders

I’ve watched Hoarders and thought, “thank god that’s not me.” But tonight, as I’m sitting in my apartment, I feel like I’m living in my own version of it. My apartment is being painted today and tomorrow and it is currently a total disaster area. I hate it so much. I am sitting on the one piece of furniture that […]

Forcing myself out of a style rut

Living in the city makes me very aware of how I look. Most of the time, I plan out what I’m going to wear, how to accessorize it and what is an “appropriate” outfit for where I’m going. But then there are those ruts where it all goes to hell and you barely put forth the effort to shower. Recently, […]

Learning to love certain foods

When I was a kid, I was very particular about foods I didn’t like to eat. I guess that means I was a picky eater, but I prefer the phrase “having preferential taste buds.” Yep, just PR’ed that. Anyhow, as I’ve gotten older and started cooking and dining out more, I’ve found that several things I would never eat as […]

Moving to morning workouts

There are two types of workout people: morning and evenings. And until recently, I thought the morning people were crazy. Get up early…voluntarily? To…work out? NO WAY. I prefer to work out at night. I used that time to work off the days stress, clear my head and just relax. But working out at night takes a big commitment too. […]

Secret single behavior

So what’s next? Secret single behavior. Time to pull back the curtain to Oz and disclose some of my quirky behaviors that I will admit I do as a singleton but would not do in a relationship. Alright, time to dish: Shoe fashion shows – I have a lot of shoes that I don’t wear. Mostly because of my flats preference, […]

Valentine’s Day

The number one thing that bothers me about Valentine’s Day is the idea that if you’re single, you have nothing to celebrate. No man to buy you flowers, take you to dinner, get some sweet nookie after. First, I can take care of all of those things for myself. Thank you very much. Having a guy in my life to […]

My take on the Times’ Modern Love

That’s right, Arielle and I are back with another edition of Single Girl Confidential! But this time, instead of talking about being single making us fat or making out with guys, we’re both sharing our POVs on a recent New York Times’ Modern Love column. The column, can be found here, and I shared it with pretty much every single […]