How yoga broke me

You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Yoga, the practice of stretching, zen and centering yourself, beat me like I was a punching bag and then kicked me to the curb like a piece of trash. It was the most humbling 60 minutes I’ve had in a while. At my old gym, I used to do yoga every Sunday. […]

It’s almost holiday time!

I literally cannot believe that Saturday is Christmas Eve. Wasn’t it December 1st last week? Anyhow, the big holiday weekend is almost here and I am getting ready to head home, to bake, stuff myself with deliciousness and spend time with people I’m related to (including my beloved fur nephew). I also need a break from Chicago so I can […]

Getting happy and making changes

Happiness is a subjective emotion. I mean, what is being truly happy? Well here’s the things, lately, I haven’t been really happy. And happy in a content way. And the unhappiness I’ve been dealing with hasn’t made me the best person, friend and daughter. And forget about having any sort of romantic or naughty thoughts. In early August, I wrote […]

Being thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Before I head back to the kitchen to finish preparing the first Thanksgiving my SIL and I are preparing, I wanted to put up a post about being thankful. This year has been full of change, but I’m still thankful for so many things in my life. Now, I just need to be better about being thankful […]

Guess who is making Thanksgiving dinner?

For as long as I can remember, my grandma made the Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cranberry relish and the best mashed potatoes and gravy. I have a lot of fond memories sitting at their house, watching football and stuffing myself until I have a three month food baby. But now that my grandma is older, it’s a lot […]

Taking back control

That is my new motto. As a Type-A, anal retentive, perfectionist and people pleaser, control is something I struggle with. I’m either totally in control of a situation or I have given myself completely to helping, entertaining or taking care of others, that I don’t even remember to take care of myself. Lately, I haven’t been in control. I’m willing […]

Belated London recap

Cheerio readers! Or, the handful of you that might still be out there. Things have been a little crazy since I’ve been back. But yes, I am back from the other side of the pond. Yes, the London adventure is in the books and it.was.amazing. And honestly, my first overseas trip where everything just…fell in to place. Paris and Italy […]

iPhone 8 Plus: A Timeless Classic for Modern Users

Welcome to our exploration of the iPhone 8 Plus, a timeless classic in Apple‘s storied lineup of smartphones. In this presentation, we’ll dive deep into what makes the iPhone 8 Plus a standout device, combining elegance and performance to cater to modern users. The iPhone 8 Plus, with its sleek glass front and back, exudes sophistication. Its meticulously crafted aluminum […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! So, I didn’t intend on taking more than a week blog break again but, it’s fall and things are busy. But one of the things I was busy with was my Halloween costume! Friends of mine know that I’m not very Halloween-friendly. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a Christmas and Thanksgiving kind of girl but I’m […]

Wifi and me, so happy together

Lately, things around my house have been under construction. The city of Chicago is repaving my street, my building is getting a new sidewalk and my apartment needs to have some touch up repairs done. And then, on top of this, my wifi went out at 3 am on Sunday morning (don’t ask why I was up and online then […]