Valentine’s Day

The number one thing that bothers me about Valentine’s Day is the idea that if you’re single, you have nothing to celebrate.

No man to buy you flowers, take you to dinner, get some sweet nookie after.

First, I can take care of all of those things for myself. Thank you very much.

Having a guy in my life to do that for me is a treat, not a necessity.

Second, as a singleton, there is plenty to celebrate on Valentine’s Day because even though there isn’t a man in my life, that doesn’t mean there isn’t love.

So rather than sit at home with coffee cake and eating my feelings on Valentine’s Day, I choose to celebrate the love that is in my life.

That means my friends, fur nephew and family. The important “f’s.”

And since not everyone I love is located in Chicago, I plan on sending little messages of love and appreciation to them on Valentine’s Day, so they know that whether they have someone or not, love is coming their way. Yeah, I know that sounds a little too sappy or “Love Actually,” but it’s true.

I’m embracing this because I’m not the best at telling people how much I appreciate them. And it doesn’t have to be in a big sweeping gesture. It’s as easy as a note, text, email or even a call. And I hate talking on the phone so if I’ve called you to say Happy Valentine’s Day or “I love you,” that’s big.

And after I’m done sharing out some love, I’m going to get myself a little bit of candy, skip the gym and relax on the couch watching trashy TV.

Doesn’t sound like a bad Valentine’s Day at all.

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