Two stories about karma

As much as I may want to deny it, karma exists. I’ve seen two examples of this recently and I thought I’d share both. One is funny and one is kind of sweet.

Funny Karma

About a month ago, my friend dropped me off at home after dinner and we ended up sitting in her car chatting for a bit. We were blocking a small part of the street but cars could still pass without issue. Until, one woman went past us, giving an “eat sh*t” look. As she did, my friend tapped the horn just to let her know she could pass.

Two seconds after that horn tap, the girl stopped her car in the middle of the street, got out, stormed over to yell at us and said words and phrases I cannot repeat here. I was nervous but my friend was calm and she handled it like a pro. Once the girl was done yelling, she stomped back to her car, only to grab the car door handle, stop and look up in the sky.

Within seconds, my friend said, “She locked herself out of the car.” After all that, she locked herself out?? I wasn’t sure if that was right, but yep, in her haste to yell at us, she locked herself out of the car and was now completely blocking the street from traffic. Oh, and it was freezing cold and windy outside.

She slowly walked back to us, acknowledged she was locked out and apologized for how she behaved. While she went to get her extra key, we watched her car, in case the cops showed up because the street was blocked and guided cars around hers while she was gone. When she was back, she offered us a bottle of wine to say thanks but my friend told her to keep it. She had been through enough that day.

Sweet Karma

I try to live by the Golden Rule (seriously). The few times I’ve had to sell tickets online, I sell for face value. I don’t gouge people because I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me. Most of the time, that balance is more me being the generous one compared to others. But last week, I finally got a win.

A woman was selling tickets on Facebook and after weeks of trying to get them on my own with no luck, I left her a message to contact me via email. Within minutes, she emailed me, said she would sell them to me at face value and then during the Paypal transaction, she even took a few more bucks off.  She could have easily made a 50% profit on those tickets due to demand but she just wanted to unload them and could not have been sweeter.

So thanks Rachel in LA for showing me that there is actually a payoff and good karma to living by that rule.

Do you believe in Karma?

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