Trying to cut the caffeine addiction

I have several vices: red wine, coffee, the very occasional cigarette and…soda.

I love soda, especially non-diet, non-zero-calorie soda.

On a hot day, I love a nice ice-cold beer, but sometimes, all I want is a sip of ice cold soda. The feeling of sugar hitting your veins is the best.

It sounds like a drug, and sometimes, it feels like one.

Yes, I know soda is bad for your teeth, waistline and general lifestyle but since high school, I’ve been able to limit how much I drink. Once, I even gave it up for three months. The headaches and bitchiness that were part of withdrawal were awful. AWFUL. But I did it and been able to maintain my limited quantity for years.

Until lately.

That’s right, I’m back on soda, and I’m hitting it hard. I used to only drink three cans per week and then I fell off the wagon and now drink it 5-6 times per week.

I blame stress, long hours, travel and other outside forces, but in reality, I love soda and when I have the option of having one, I cannot help myself.

Now I’m back to trying to limit my quantity per week and it’s awful.

Seriously, the HEADACHES.

This sounds crazy, but I’m trying to redirect my soda addiction to coffee (lower in calories) but that’s not even helping.

Damn you soda, damn you straight to hell.

Have you tried to cut back the caffeine? If so, how was your withdrawal?

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