Treat yo self!

My favorite day of the week is Friday. Not only because it’s the weekend, but also because it’s TREAT FRIDAY.

I coined this phrase to describe my Friday mentality at work. Yes, I still get work done but it’s also about treating myself right. I’m adamant about packing my lunch Monday-Thursday so Friday is treat day. I buy lunch (and maybe dessert!!!) and just do nice stuff for me. Why? Because it’s TREAT FRIDAY! Woooooo!

Then, I watched Parks and Rec last week and saw Tom and Donna celebrate Treat Yo Self Day.

Here’s more information on this yearly holiday

Seriously, seeing this made my day. It’s like Treat Friday on crack. So Saturday, to try and boost my spirits, I had a mini Treat Yo Self day myself.

It included:

  • Dior red lipstick. Treat yo self!
  • Lobster roll and oysters with friends for dinner. Treat yo self!
  • Pinkberry with mochi and strawberries. Treat yo self!

This won’t always happen but damnit, it’s time to embrace this. I plan to shout “Treat yo self” to people randomly now. Because I’m a big fan of this. Plus, Parks and Rec is just awesome. This and DJ Roomba seriously make me happy.

How are you going to Treat yo self this week?

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