The one where I run after a food truck

Yes, that actually happened.

Like a puppy, I’ve chased after many things in my day. Mailmen, UPS deliveries and now…a food truck.

Why? More like, why not, when I tell you more.

I love food. LOVE IT. And yes, I am trying to lose weight right now (holding strong!) but when I heard that there was a mac and cheese food truck in Chicago, I knew that I had to hunt it down.

Our version of food trucks is different from New York, LA or San Fran’s because of city ordinances, but people here really support them. And we get excited when new ones pop up and come to our office buildings. Beats the building cafeteria!

Yesterday in Chicago, it was -15 with the wind chill and I heard the new mac and cheese food truck from a local restaurant, The Southern, was coming to my office, I had to go for it.

Then I heard stories about the trucks’ lines and it selling out in 20 minutes. Yeah, I don’t play that way. If I’m going out to get the food, I’m GETTING IT. So, I grabbed TC and Robin and we strategized where it would park (based on other food trucks that visit) and went down early to be on the watch out.

And then, like a wave of cheese rolling down the street, we saw it, and something snapped in me (mostly hunger) and I started running


Then the truck started moving further down the block so I ran faster, with TC’s voice fading into the background. No sh*t, it was a Forrest Gump moment. RUN JESS RUN! When the truck stopped, I slowed down and screamed “STOP HERE,” scaring the crap out of two guys in the van.

But then the truck opened and there was mac and cheese to be had. They even let me pick the day they come back since I was first in line. And then they reneged on my choice. FAIL.

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