The next frontier: Getting a cleaning woman

I am not a very neat or clean person. I like when my house is picked up and freshly cleaned but I will say that my deep clean skills are severely lacking. Sure, I scrub the tub and sink but the floors, vents and blinds? I’m lucky if I get to that once a season. If at all.

It’s sad.

So, to celebrate my promotion at work, I decided to move to the next frontier of city living: getting a cleaning lady.

I can’t have in-unit washer and dryer (yet) so this is the next best thing. And I’m so excited!

After hearing two coworkers gush about their shared cleaning lady, I nervously asked for her number, promptly waited two weeks to call and then did. Yep, I treated getting a cleaning lady like a date.

Saturday, she came over for a “meet and greet inspection” and I was SO nervous. Watching her scan over my apartment, I felt the need to clarify, “It doesn’t normally look like this,” or ” I plan to fix [insert item here] before you come back.”

The last time I was this nervous about someone seeing my apartment, it was because a boy was coming over. Seriously.

I’m more nervous for a cleaning lady to see my home than to have a guy come over to watch a movie. What?

She will only come once a month to deep clean but before she can clean, I did some “picking up” myself.

Yes, I spot cleaned/picked up before the cleaning lady comes. There is no logic to that.

But I’m actually giddy at the thought of my baseboards, vents, fans and any other nook and cranny getting cleaned.It’s the little things that make me happy.

She comes over tomorrow morning and I’m ready for her to change my life 🙂

Any big weekend plans for you guys?

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