Secret single behavior

So what’s next? Secret single behavior. Time to pull back the curtain to Oz and disclose some of my quirky behaviors that I will admit I do as a singleton but would not do in a relationship.

Alright, time to dish:

  • Shoe fashion shows – I have a lot of shoes that I don’t wear. Mostly because of my flats preference, but sometimes, even when I’m wearing PJs, I put those sky high black suede pumps on and strut around the apartment. Literally, just strut. Like a pony
  • Boy band dance parties/concerts – I love playing loud music when I cook or clean my apartment. And sometimes that turns in to a boy band dance party/sing-a-long with a nice tone deaf edge. NSYNC doesn’t sound any  better with a tone deaf screech
  • Shower/clothing optional – Yeah, when you have no one to dress up for and if you’re only going out in your neighborhood, I dedicate a day to shower optional and make sure there is a little “level of clothing” optional time too. It’s healthy and reminds me why I need to keep working out 🙂
  • Objectifying men – This is one of my favorites. To keep my mind sharp, I try to objectify at least one man a day. Sometimes, I have to double up if I’m working from home or can’t find someone good. And sometimes, my objectification is cleaner than others, depending on my mood. Also, if they smell good, I may lean in a bit to give them a sniff. Wasting a chance to sniff a nice smelling man is a terrible thing.

In hindsight, these seem a bit tame. Guess I’ll have to up my game. But before I go out on weekends or if I go out on a date, I do make sure my clothes are picked up because if someone is invited up and a bra is laying on the bed again, that’s not a good first impression.

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