Revisiting a favorite travel memory

Hello everyone! Miss me? It’s been awhile since I updated this blog and I’m still working through my writer’s block, but today, I realized something that compelled me to write.

One year ago today, I left for Italy.

Yes, the two-week trip that I’ve mentioned ad nauseam here before and after that trip, more about it againnnnnnnnnn.

This memory is poignant to me because, of all my solo trips, this was the game changer. It heaved me WAY out of my comfort zone and sparked a true hunger inside of me to just see everything RIGHT NOW.

Well that’s not really possible, but I’m more determined now to see everything on my list and go as big as I can.

These will remain solo trips, but one day, maybe someone will be with me.

Today, I re-read my post about Rome, Florence and Venice, and even took a pass through the insanely detailed travel journal.

And it made my heart ache a little. I miss it so much. I even framed some of my Italy souvenirs this weekend, which made me miss it more.

But those memories are never far from me. I thought about it wandering around Paris, when I wear my Rome street vendor ring, drink cappuccino and wear my North Face jacket (which I bought for that trip).

The next adventure will not require that jacket, but it requires me to officially, finally take a relaxing vacation. Um, okay.

And I know I’ll be back in Italy one day. I could never stay away from Rome forever and the Amalfi Coast/Cinque Terre still hasn’t met me. I can’t wait.

Hope you guys are still with me and that you’re doing well. What’s new? I’m hoping to be back again soon!

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