Revamping the Memorial Day plans

On Friday, I made a list of things I hoped to do during Memorial Day, because I’m a planner and need some kind of list of what I’d like to do, even if I achieve nothing.

Yeah, it was one of those weekend when the best laid Memorial Day plans went awry, but in a good way!

I got my mani/pedi and saw Something Borrowed (review here!) but that was it from my list. The French Market and architecture boat tour will wait for another day.

But there were two fun things that also unexpectedly happened this weekend that I had to share!


Chicago is quickly becoming a well-known food town and right now, the hottest ticket here is Next Restaurant, the new brainchild from Grant Achatz. You don’t get reservations, you get tickets and can only get them online. Ticket competition is intense and with it’s current menu, Paris 1906, ending in early July, the demand is more intense.

I’ve been trying in multiple ways to get tickets for more than a month and on Thursday, the stars aligned and I snagged a last-minute ticket for a 10 p.m. reservation that night. I cannot even explain how perfectly everything worked out, it was just clearly, meant to be.

And in a very difficult decision, I did not photograph one piece of my meal. I opted to savor the experience with three good friends and enjoy the amazing food served to us. Yes, I wrestled with whether or not to photograph, but in the end, I was fine with it. I had a wonderful meal with great conversation, lots of laughs and attentive, non-stuffy service.

The entire six-course experience was 100% worth the cost (tickets range from $60-$110) and was the perfect way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend. And when I go back, I would love to steal the place settings because the plates were to die for.

I can’t even list what dish was my favorite (although the duck got very high marks) but it was truly a great experience.

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