Post vacation reality check

Truth: I sat, staring at this screen for about 15 minutes before I started typing.

I had no idea what to write about.

Then, rather than thinking of something grand, I thought I’d write about well, what is going on right now.

I’m in a post vacation reality check.

What is this? It’s the re-introduction of your vacation-self to real life-self.

This can be rough.

Usually, you go through five stages of emotions during this time:

  • Confusion (Wait, this work thing happens every week?)
  • Anger (What do you MEAN I can’t have wine with lunch every day at the office?)
  • Shock (I have to pay bills? What?)
  • Acceptance (I am back. Time to start planning my next trip)
  • Jealousy (Timmy gets to have a day off? What an a**hole)

Last week, I immediately started at Acceptance, then moved to Jealousy and then Confusion. This week, I’m hanging out at Anger (seriously, why can’t I have wine every day as an afternoon snack) and Shock. I’ll probably bump back to Acceptance one more time to help get back to the normal me.

I’ve also taken to spending more time on Pinterest (avoiding the wedding boards) and “pinning” things I wish I could buy but can’t because I’m being “responsible.”

Here’s the other thing kids: trips are expensive and even with a budget, that first bill post-trip burns like an STD (not that I would know).

So for now, I’m anxiously awaiting a few things:

  • April 15 (pay day!)
  • The final stop at Acceptance
  • The weekend
  • New pins on Pinterest (not about weddings)

Welcome to my reality. Let’s also hash tag this post #reasonswhyimsingle

How is everyone else?

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