Post painting return to normalcy

This weekend was full of two things: organizing and cleaning.

Plus, a little drinking.

What drove me to drink? Well, I hate coming home to a mess. When I go to work, I pick up before I leave, same when I go on trips.

Friday, when I got the call that painting was (finally) over in my apartment, I went home to find a huge mess. The painters left extension cords, garbage and supplies everywhere. This is in addition to all of my stuff sitting in piles to make room for them.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t thrilled.

But, rather than clear off the bed and crash, I opted to take one for my team and get to work. And about 7-8 hours later (between Friday night and Saturday), my apartment started to look normal again. Furniture moved, items purged, donation piles created, etc.

Sure, I still have work to do but it’s nice to have things back in their place and lay down on the couch.

Plus, I have to say, the new walls look really nice. The only downside, seeing my place in disarray and how “new” the place looks, it doesn’t totally feel like home. Just another adjustment but I’m so glad this is over with 🙂

And when I needed a break from the mess at home, I went out and had some beverages. And my a “couple,” I mean six. Thank goodness for dinner and fresh air…and ibuprofen the next day, wink wink.

How was your weekend?

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