Pet peeves: Winter edition

As much as I love Chicago, there are things here that irritate me, especially when weather comes in to play. Let’s just say, when it rains, your morning commute can become a nightmare.

But, that’s life in the big city where you rely on public transportation and tourists are a way of life.

So in the celebration of this season, here is my recent list of pet peeves (winter edition):

  • Long hair – Yes, this is my choice, but it gets stuck in everything! Scarves, zippers, coats, etc. It is driving me bananas
  • Sweating – The buses have turned on the heat and when you’re smushed in the bus with the heat blasting and a heavy coat on, it is like sitting in a hotbox. Awful
  • Static electricity – For some reason, I shock everyone. Might be shuffling my feet or the dryness of my apartment but everything and everyone I touch, I shock them. Embarrassing
  • Dry skin – The wind here chaps my skin and dries it out like the desert. I’m constantly applying lotion and lip balm. Thank goodness for Kiehl’s Whipped Creme de Corps, feels like butter on my skin

It’s funny because prior to today, this Chicago winter has been very mild. Now, it’s snowing, with inches already on the ground and snow and temps are getting back semi-seasonal 30 degree highs temps.

I may have to amend this post with “pet peeves: snow edition” shortly. Because once snow falls, people get way dumber about how to get around in the city. No kidding.

What’s bothering you about this winter season?

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