Paris adventure

I’m back!

In the last two weeks, I’ve flown 10,000 miles, been on two continents and in three different time zones. To say it’s been exhausting is an understatement. And my body finally caught up with me this week, leaving me sick in bed for the last 48 hours.

But today I finally had a chance to transfer and upload some photos.

So Paris in a nutshell: GREAT. Beautiful sights, amazing food and of course, a bit too much wine 🙂

The only drawback: being a solo, single traveler in the city of love. Seriously, the level of making me out made me nearly lose my mind. I have zero issue with being single, but the last thing I need is excessive PDA thrown in my face. So, yeah, I should have known better.

In the course of a week, I got to see, do, eat and explore a lot of things. Seriously, my feet have the blisters to show the amount of ground I covered.

My two favorite things that I did:

  • Versailles – It is amazing how big and grand it is. Seriously, huge hallways, ornate decor, truly lavish lifestyle and landscaping. The castle was impressive but the gardens and surrounding land was the best. Add in a 75 degree, sunny day, bike (with basket) and a light breeze and it was one my most favorite days ever. Sounds cheesy but it’s true
  • Catacombs tour – Yes, it is touristy and jammed but it was seriously, awesome. 80+ steps below Paris, with six feet ceilings, it was fascinating to explore the Paris underground and see hundreds of thousands of bones still preserved. SO COOL

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