In a weight rut

Several weeks ago, I was really excited to announce that my weight loss journey hit a nice milestone, 11-12 pounds down! But, now I think I’m in a rut, specifically a diet rut. I’m still committed to my long-term weight loss goal, but lately, I’ve been struggling with food again. Losing weight short-term is a challenge but not as much […]

How to survive a Midwest winter

Whenever I hear someone say it’s their first Chicago or midwest winter, I smile. They usually have a confused and scared look on their face and it’s so adorable, I want to hug them. Because (depending where they’re coming from) they should be afraid. No sh*t. The east coast may have 32 inches of snow but Midwest winters are nothing […]

Leadership-The Start

Let’s talk about leadership and being job optional. Leadership is what you need in a group situation, right? How to influence and guide people to get things done. Leaders are people that are respected and admired. Those that attract people and inspire them. But right now, it’s just me with the goal to get out of my job. I don’t […]

Early Retirement- what does it mean?

What does it mean to retire early? Is there a ‘right’ retirement age? The truth is that we’ve all been brainwashed. Let’s be brutally honest here. Retirement is an artificial milestone produced by the industrial age notion of a ‘job’ where you work for an employer for 45 years in return for money when you retire. That world doesn’t exist […]

How do you want to live?

There is more to life than making money and more to taking charge of your life than becoming an entrepreneur. Before you start doing anything, take the time to discover how you want to live each day/ What we are talking about here at JOB is more than not having a job or being an entrepreneur. It means taking control […]

Learn Attraction!

Leaders are attractive people. Not so much physical like being movie star handsome but in the sense that they are people you are attracted to; people you want to be with..or be like. Where does that attraction come from? Is it some innate quality that they were born with? Or did they learn it. Most of us are brainwashed into […]

Getting out of your job takes training.

Entrepreneurship it’s a long word and one that isn’t much taught when you grow up today. One hundred years ago, you didn’t have to teach it because that was the way almost everybody lived and how they supported themselves and raised their families. In those days you were the man. You developed skills or products and sold them for money. […]