My obsession with the color purple

Nope, I’m not talking about the book, movie or even Oprah this time. I’m literally just talking about the color purple (and its friends, lavender, lilac, berry, etc.)

My wardrobe and accessory collection have been infected with a case of the color purple. And it was totally unintentional.

And fortunately, being infected with the color purple does not involve a plum rash or itching. Phew!

So how did my wardrobe get taken over by purple?

It started with a harmless pair of adorable lilac Uggs years ago, which I finally broke out this year. Suddenly, I need to replace my baby blue Longchamp Le Pilage purse and when shopping, I fall in love with a deep purple color. Gorgeous!

Then winter hits and I dig in my closet and pull out the old berry-colored Coach gloves to sadly replace the black leather gloves I lost last year. Still mad about that. Add in a purple-pink scarf that I bought for $5 in New York City to keep me warm in my puffer coat and holy sh*t all I’m wearing are purple-esque colors.

I had no idea I had that much of one color scheme until I put it together and ran in to a friend of mine. She commented about how purple-y I was and suddenly it all fell together. No one has gone as far to call me Violet Beauregarde but I fear that if I buy too much more purple items, I will turn in to her.

The funny thing is, blue is my absolute favorite color. I’m just cheating on it right now with purple because I’ve loved the color lately in the stores. I love big, bold color and the deep purples and berry shades were really calling to me. Now I have to space it out and mix in my standard gray, black and white so I don’t look like a grape walking around.

And I won’t even mention the lilac Marc by Marc wallet I bought either, I’ll just group that under, “whatever it’s pretty and on sale.”

What colors do you always buy?

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