My dating Venn diagram

My friends share some pretty hilarious, true and interesting links online. And last week, TC shared something called the dating Venn diagram, which had me laughing while nodding my head in agreement. It’s tag line: “Venn Diagram describes your entire dating life in two pathetic circles.”

Those circles are basically divided between “Guys who hit on me” and “Guys I want to hit on me.” Two separate circles that never match.

Welcome to my world.

And apparently, welcome to Phams.

Actually, my dating Venn diagram has a few more circles, let’s take a look.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up, and that intersection of the Venn diagram is pretty damn depressing. That is the exact reason why I’m taking a break again from online dating. As a side note, I have no idea why I attract 21 year old guys, really, I have no idea. But in a few years, when I enter “cougar” time, I’ll be more than happy they like me so much. Until then, I’m good.

Also, I’m hoping to slowly bridge that gaping hole between the guys I want to hit on me and guys that actually do. Somehow, I will bring them together! Well, maybe, but somehow, that diagram below, aka the Bermuda Triangle of my dating life needs to vanish. Seriously.

What does your dating Venn diagram look like?

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