Learn Attraction!

Leaders are attractive people. Not so much physical like being movie star handsome but in the sense that they are people you are attracted to; people you want to be with..or be like.

Where does that attraction come from? Is it some innate quality that they were born with? Or did they learn it. Most of us are brainwashed into thinking that we can’t change and so we resist the notion that we can learn and change. It is a big problem because nobody is born with talent.

Mentors are important.
Maybe they learned it from their parents or role models. If you don’t have those qualities and didn’t grow up with propel to teach you, it is easy to tell yourself that you aren’t a leader, can’t learn to be a leader and therefore your options in life are limited. You are trapped because of circumstances and your future is limited.

That kind of thinking will ensure that you live your life as a follower. Don’t accept it.

It is up to you and you have the power.
Each person can take charge of their life. Each person can be the leader that seems to attract people to his cause without effort because leadership is learned. Learning leadership is like learning any other discipline or life skill. It requires focused effort and a skilled teacher or mentor. Most people will not make the effort.

Designing your own lifestyle will only happen when you learn leadership. It starts by taking control of your life and examining each component to decide what you accept and what you need to change. It means rejecting the idea that what everybody else does is what you need to do. It doesn’t mean rejecting everything either.

It just means that you personally consider every aspect of your life and change anything that prevents you from having the lifestyle you want. You don’t judge what other people choose and you don’t accept their judgment to limit your choices.

Along the way you develop a spine and stop looking for approval. When you take action to live differently, it changes t

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