In a weight rut

Several weeks ago, I was really excited to announce that my weight loss journey hit a nice milestone, 11-12 pounds down! But, now I think I’m in a rut, specifically a diet rut.

I’m still committed to my long-term weight loss goal, but lately, I’ve been struggling with food again.

Losing weight short-term is a challenge but not as much as trying to maintain that weight loss and lose more. You hit a wall at some point and start to revert to old habits. Maybe not all of them but some of them. Then, the self doubt and anxiety kicks in and what was an exception in the calories one day becomes a week of exceptions and suddenly, all of that super hard work is gone. Or most of it is.

That’s where I fear I’m going.

Last week, I put myself on a scale again (the first time since December) and found I was down only one pound. That’s still great news, considering I’m sure post-holidays I was up a few pounds, but I still felt mad at myself that it wasn’t more.

When I started talking about this journey, my goal weight was to be reached in February, provided I lose 1-2 pounds a week. Given the most recent weigh in, that won’t happen. So I’ve adjusted my timing to April at the latest. I am determined to still make that goal, but lately I’ve been struggling with food.

Gum works to curb cravings, but sometimes, a Milky Way Dark, followed by a 3 Musketeers feels better. I am an emotional eater. And due to late nights, high stress and exhaustion lately, I’ve been diligent in logging my calories but also going over in my daily “allotment” with little shame.

And I’m starting to feel like a failure and fear that I’m slipping back in to old habits again. But amazingly, the rut is solely in diet. My workouts have been great lately! I just cannot get this food thing under control sometimes.

But I’m not giving up. Come h*ll or high water, I will make my goal, hopefully before Italy. And I need to cut myself a break.

The good news is that most days I still feel leaner. In the last week, three people I barely know came up to ask if I’ve lost weight and tell me that I look great. Sure, two of those people are crazy women in my building, but hearing that does help.

So I’m going to focus on, how I feel because even if the weight isn’t coming off too fast right now, I still feel good. And I need to figure out again how to deal with stress without always shoving candy in my mouth. That is a longer project.

What about you, do you get in an exercise, food or weight loss rut? If so, how do you get out of it?

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