How yoga broke me

You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not.

Yoga, the practice of stretching, zen and centering yourself, beat me like I was a punching bag and then kicked me to the curb like a piece of trash.

It was the most humbling 60 minutes I’ve had in a while.

At my old gym, I used to do yoga every Sunday. Sixty minutes of Vinyasa that felt great and was very relaxing. But it was also downtown at 10 am on a Sunday and once I started going out more, 10 am on a Sunday was a big problem.

I do miss yoga but after last night’s class, it reminded me that yoga will not be an easy friend to catch up with.

My buddy Liz invited me to join her for a walk-in class at a local yoga studio and (in an effort to step and mix up my workouts), I said yes. We settled on a Yoga Sculpt class, which is a combo of yoga cycles and free weights, which sounded awesome. I lift weights, I got this!


First, I worked out earlier that day. I wasn’t sore or tired from it but my body had already gotten a tad of a beating first-thing.

Second, the studio was, no lie, sweltering hot. And the kind of hot that isn’t totally Bikram (105 degrees) but not like, comfortable or room temp either. You know it’s bad when you’re sweating 2 minutes after walking in the door and before even changing in to workout clothes.

Within a few minutes of doing my sun salutations and table tops, I was sweating like a whore in church. Literally, sweat was all over me like a fur blanket. Rather than dewey adorable, I looked more like “oh my gosh what’s wrong with her?”

I couldn’t even finish some cycles or balance on the mat because it was soaked in sweat and slippery. SLIPPERY.

By the time the lights went down for a final stretch, I wanted to collapse and weep with joy. And in doing that final stretch, I looked over at my friend Liz, who I have so many memories with, and in seeing each other in this state, we reached out and locked arms (which was difficult given the sweating) because damnit we were in this together.

Then I went home and drank about four glasses of water and put myself to bed.

There are few people I can imagine doing this with and laughing about it. Fortunately, one of those peeps was there 🙂

Should I give yoga another try?

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