How do you want to live?

There is more to life than making money and more to taking charge of your life than becoming an entrepreneur. Before you start doing anything, take the time to discover how you want to live each day/

What we are talking about here at JOB is more than not having a job or being an entrepreneur. It means taking control of your life- deciding how you want to live and then creating the lifestyle that makes it possible. It is not just making money. It is more than escaping dependence on a job to support your lifestyle. It is a whole new way of thinking about your life and what is important to you.

Study Lifestyle Design
You have to understand lifestyle design before you chart a course. You have to know how you want to live your life before you will know what to do to get it- and what not to do.

Most of us are raised in a lifestyle of limitations. What we have is limited by how much someone will pay our parents for their time. In that world view, happiness is always stepping up the ladder and making incremental changes.

Moving up to a better job makes it possible to have a better car or a bigger house in a classier neighborhood. We never learn to ask the important questions like how do I want to spend my time and who do I want to spend it with. If we did, we would make different decisions and life would definitely be different.

Ask yourself questions!
Ask yourself who, if they start with a clean slate would decide to spend 40 hours a week in a box somewhere far from their family doing stuff they don’t really care about. If that 40 hours weren’t necessary to keep you off the street with clothes on your back, what would you do instead?

Most people think that starting a business changes the equation but it really doesn’t. Business owners probably work even more than 40 hours with much more personal investment in the results. Maybe they have more income but they have a lot less time to actually enjoy it. What good is a fast car if you only drive it to work and back. And what good is that fancy house that you don’t spend time in? Not much…right?

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