Good at Life?

I like to think that I give pretty good advice. Sometimes people ask for it, sometimes….they don’t, but I still offer it. I’m not saying I’m a guru at life or have had anything massively profound happen to make me an expert, but I listen and when it’s appropriate, I share my experiences in case that helps others in their current situations.

Yes, I do everything I can to avoid drama, but for my friends, sometimes I’ll dip my toe in the troubled waters.

But lately, crazy enough, I’ve had numerous people (mostly people I work with) tell me lately that I’m “good at life.” At first, I just nodded my head along, but the comment kind of stuck with me.

And after about three people said it, I interrupted one of them to say, “what the heck are you talking about?”

Apparently, I’ve become a little resource for knowledge on random stuff. Finally! I have a decent reputation! And I guess the word is spreading too.

What started with talking to a friend about saving money for retirement, contributing to employer 401ks and saving each month turned in to a carousel at my desk asking questions and advice on random life-based things.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve answered friends’ random questions about “life things” such as:

  • Avoiding certain taxes on your cell phone
  • How to pick the best rewards card
  • Nuances about renter’s insurance
  • Developing a budget
  • How to get out of jury duty from a state you previously lived in but don’t anymore

Random, I know!

But apparently it’s helpful because one friend even told me that after we talked, she put herself on a budget thanks to my tips or advice. SO SWEET!

I definitely don’t have it all figured out but I’m glad my experiences have been helpful to others. I thought I just excelled at relationship advice (those who can’t do, give advice) but apparently, I have more things stuffed in my noggin’ to share than I thought!

What about you? Do your friends go to you for advice?

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