Getting out of your job takes training.

Entrepreneurship it’s a long word and one that isn’t much taught when you grow up today. One hundred years ago, you didn’t have to teach it because that was the way almost everybody lived and how they supported themselves and raised their families. In those days you were the man.

You developed skills or products and sold them for money. Some people had jobs but the ‘better’ people didn’t. The jobs were things like a store clerk or a farm hand. The people of substance were their own business enterprise. They provided services or goods and their reputation was all important because word of mouth was how they built their businesses.

These days everything is upside down. Holding a job is the badge of honor and being an independent operator is risky and disrespected. So today kids are taught to market themselves in order to get a job, not how to become valuable independent contractors. Looking for a job encourages insecurity and dependency and government intervention and regulation only makes it worse.

Bottom line most people today don’t know much about starting/running their own business. They therefore have the wrong expectations and tend to underestimate both the benefits and the amount of retraining they need to achieve success. They tend to do the wrong things because they don’t know any better.

People today are just as smart as people one hundred years ago. They just lack the training that was just part of life in those old days. Our modern perspective on making money would be just as alien to folks back then as theirs is to us today. And that is why people who yearn for financial and personal freedom these days need to plug into an education system before they can hope to reach their goal. Or become very frustrated.

There are still opportunities available but without this training and a good mentor, the deck is stacked against even the brightest dreamer. You can have the dream and it can burn deep in your being but unless you learn new rules and understand how success happens, you won’t escape from the slavery of a job. What is that training and how do you get it?

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