Getting happy and making changes

Happiness is a subjective emotion. I mean, what is being truly happy?

Well here’s the things, lately, I haven’t been really happy.

And happy in a content way.

And the unhappiness I’ve been dealing with hasn’t made me the best person, friend and daughter. And forget about having any sort of romantic or naughty thoughts.

In early August, I wrote about taking back control in my personal life. I meant it and was doing it. Then, I got crazy sick and seemed to lose control again.

But then, I went to London and got perspective (and my allergies activated).

The first part of perspective was to really look at why I am unhappy. What’s causing it and where is that unhappiness really located: professional, personal or both?

It’s a funny thing, trying to really scrutinize and identify why you’re not happy or what seems to be the root of that unhappiness. It may either tell you it’s easy to fix or…not.

Then I looked at, when I was happy and content, what was happening in my life at that time to make me feel that way?

And the answer was pretty clear.

So now I’m trying to begin making these changes. One has already started and the rest will follow soon after. And even though the changes to the main issue aren’t what I expected, it’s still progress.

Things will never be perfect. There will be good days and bad days, but I’m ready to start feeling like the good outweigh the bad and get back to being a better friend and daughter.

Away we go!

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