Forcing myself out of a style rut

Living in the city makes me very aware of how I look. Most of the time, I plan out what I’m going to wear, how to accessorize it and what is an “appropriate” outfit for where I’m going.

But then there are those ruts where it all goes to hell and you barely put forth the effort to shower.

Recently, after some personal life stuff, I found myself in this rut. I could barely get myself out of bed, let alone think about how I looked. I went to work for two days barely showered, hair a mess, glasses on and outfits that looked like I was either a) color blind or b) dressed myself in the dark.

And I felt awful too, for multiple reasons.

Then, on day three, when I still wanted to hide, I forced myself to try.

And it was as simple as putting/forcing my contacts in, putting on a dress and slapping some make up on my face.

And when I looked in the mirror, I saw a spark of the old me and felt like part of the cardigan of sadness was coming off.

So for NYE, when I was going to be just with the girls, I decided to put some effort in to it, just for me.

That included: date bra, scented lotion (I only wear this on dates too), freshly shaved legs, mani/pedi done and full face, eye and lip make up.

Only my friends saw this but I didn’t care. I felt great and thought I looked great.

So that’s my plan now, keep myself from backsliding in to this wardrobe rut and keep trying because if you’re looking good, you’re feeling good. And even if you’re not feeling 100% great, do the best you can.

Do you get dressed up sometimes just for you?

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