Chicago: Six years later

Six years ago today, I moved to Chicago. Well, technically, six years ago today I started working in Chicago but had only been in the city about 48 hours before then but I don’t actually count that. Coincidentally, just before I moved here, Milwaukee was nailed by 11 inches of snow so this feels right.

I’ve written several times about what brought me here so I won’t bore you with it, instead I thought I’d focus on what I still love about Chicago six years later.

So here’s my Chicagoversery love list:

  • The lake – I love it. It’s so peaceful and beautiful, especially in winter when the lake steams from the cold weather
  • Food – Yes, Chicago hot dogs are great but really, Chicago has some awesome restaurants, both pricey and cheap. There are always new places to try!
  • Downtown – As a kid, my family and I would come to Chicago and shop around downtown. Even though the tourists drive me crazy now, I still love being downtown because it reminds me of these trips
  • Public transportation – Even though the CTA is a major FAIL in winter (like today), overall it’s a great system. You can easily get around without needing a car. It’s not perfect, but it could be a lot worse
  • The city’s “feeling” – Yes, this sounds crazy but there is something in the air of Chicago that makes me happy and excited to live here. Like at any second, something exciting will happen
  • The people – There are a few bad apples here and some clinically crazy people I’ve run in to on the street, but overall, the people of Chicago love living here and I love being one of them

Chicago is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in and I do not regret (even on my worst day) moving down here for the three-month trial run that has now turned in to six years.

I don’t know if Chicago is my long-term future, but for now, I’m glad to be here 🙂

What do you love about your city?

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