Chicago neighborhood food crawls

I love food, and in Chicago there are no shortages of places to eat.

There is no way to visit every place, so when a handful of new places I like open up around each other, I like to organize a little neighborhood crawl.

It’s like a bar crawl but with food (and a few drinks). The intent isn’t to get wasted (although it does happen), but to bounce from 3-4 places and sample a few appetizers and cocktails to see if you like it.

This does work better when you’re in a group, but I’ve done a few solo while traveling too and it’s been fine.

I will also point out that this is not something official or overly organized, I just come up with a list of places and then ask/beg my friends to go with me. Sometimes, they are a surprisingly tough sell 🙂

So here are my rules when I organize a crawl:

  • No more than 5 locations total. Seriously, you will explode
  • You should be able to walk or have a short bus, train or car ride to each location. The goal is to find places close together so you can exercise going to each
  • Drinking is not required at each, but you shouldn’t get too hammered, otherwise, you won’t remember the food!
  • Try to find places that have some different cuisine at each, makes it more fun
  • Always cap it off with dessert, brings the night to a close
  • Call ahead for reservations or wait times, but if in a pinch, sitting at the bar is a back up. I prefer to sit in the main dining area around everyone else, but if it’s not working, don’t push it

I’ve been known to break a few of these rules but overall, it makes for a really fun night, especially when you’re with other people who are really in to it.

Since I named this, I’ve done crawls in Wicker Park and West Loop and I’ll put an example of one up on the blog this week because seriously, there was some damn good food had.

Happy Labor Day everyone! How was your long weekend?

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