Turning the corner on the plague

The last week (nearly two) have not been exactly what I had in mind. I had wood burning pizza class plans, drinks and dinners with friends, work to do and a quick work trip to do too. The last thing still happened but overall, I have lost almost two weeks to (what I now refer to it as) the plague. […]

Five Days in Napa

Of all my solo vacations, one of my favorites was Napa Valley. It was my second solo vacation and the longest (at that time). And for seven days, I rotated between wine tasting, dining out, walking around and being deliciously buzzed. It was heaven. And, two years after being in Napa for the first time, I got to go back, […]

What makes me reconsider dating

Recently, a friend texted to tell me it was over with the guy she was seeing. In that moment, I wanted to a) key something valuable to him and b) punch him in the dick. And then it just made me angry because my next thought was, “again.” Lately, I’ve noticed an angering and frustrating trend when talking to friends […]

Aloha Hawaii

In my quest to take over the world, I’m ready to add another travel notch in my belt. Hawaii, get off my list of places to see for the first time. Yes, I spent seven days in the (insanely f*cking hot) sun and got sand in places I didn’t know was possible in Hawaii. Specifically, in Maui and Oahu. And […]

Dating double standard

In dating or attempting to date, I find the following to be my pet peeves with guys: A fun text exchange that suddenly ends without the other person saying something like “later” Constantly asking if they’ve upset me or if I’m mad at them Being aloof like they’re too cool or busy to talk Going out with or stringing along […]

Cleanin’ out my closet

I can admit that I have some…hoarding tendencies. I’m not buried in stale food or cat carcases (GROSS) but when it comes to my closet, I tend to hold on to things. And not even for sentimental value. It’s because I’m a) too lazy and b) think I’ll wear it again. What if I NEED this one shirt and I’ve […]

This book is bananas

Curious about BDSM? Unsure how to ask a lady in your life if she’d like to be your submissive? Or are you looking for ways to use S&M terms in public when talking to friends? I have the solution and book (series) for you. TA-DA! My review so far: WHOA. I finally caved and read this, you know, after it […]

Revisiting a favorite travel memory

Hello everyone! Miss me? It’s been awhile since I updated this blog and I’m still working through my writer’s block, but today, I realized something that compelled me to write. One year ago today, I left for Italy. Yes, the two-week trip that I’ve mentioned ad nauseam here before and after that trip, more about it againnnnnnnnnn. This memory is […]

Post vacation reality check

Truth: I sat, staring at this screen for about 15 minutes before I started typing. I had no idea what to write about. Then, rather than thinking of something grand, I thought I’d write about well, what is going on right now. I’m in a post vacation reality check. What is this? It’s the re-introduction of your vacation-self to real […]

Treat yo self!

My favorite day of the week is Friday. Not only because it’s the weekend, but also because it’s TREAT FRIDAY. I coined this phrase to describe my Friday mentality at work. Yes, I still get work done but it’s also about treating myself right. I’m adamant about packing my lunch Monday-Thursday so Friday is treat day. I buy lunch (and […]