Kitchen adventures: Slow cooked pork cheeks

Now that it’s getting cooler in Chicago, I get more excited about the prospect of spending time in the kitchen cooking with football or music playing in the background. Hibernation is on the horizon so that’s the perfect time to get my pans dirty (note, not PANTS.) And after seeing Naomi’s (aka Gastrognome) recent post about a pork cheek recipe […]

Taking a travel break

Sometimes, my motto is “go big or go home.” When I want something, I go after it and tend to make sure I get everything out of it to ensure I got the full experience. I’m strictly talking about travel here. In the last year, I’ve been fortunate to take a lot of amazing trips, visiting gorgeous spots for work […]

Another one of those weekends

Happy Sunday everyone! This was another one of those weekends, which was full of pugs, fresh air, good friends and….adult beverages. The kind of weekend where I really see first-hand how many wonderful people are in my life and feel so appreciative that they are my friends. It’s the kind of weekend where I go on a hot date at […]

Just say yes

While hiking in Seattle last week, I had a thought, that didn’t revolve around food or cocktails (for once). It started with thinking about a really bad rom com with Jim Carrey that came out a few years ago called Yes Man. Quick summary, it’s about a guy (Jim Carrey) who decides to open himself up to new possibilities by […]

Today is my 32nd birthday.

Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger again because of traveling. I will be recapping Seattle/Vancouver this week but rather than start blogging again with that, I’m writing about something else. Today is my 32nd birthday. Last year, I wrote about looking forward to starting my 30s without the “turning 30″ shadow over my head and going after (finally) what I […]

Goodbye free dryer

One of the crown jewels of Chicago apartment living is an in-unit washer and dryer. Seriously, I dream about it. So until I have this crown jewel to show off to my family and friends, I have to use the communal washer and dryers in my building. It’s better than going to a laundromat but it’s still a pain. Until, […]

Stay classy San Diego

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! This summer, I’m spending a lot of time on the West Coast. First, it was Los Angeles, then Salt Lake City, then San Diego, my most recent travel adventure. I was there for the BlogHer conference and not only was reunited with some of my blogging loves, but also, had […]

Online fraud makes me very angry

I’m mad as h*ll today and I’m not going to take it anymore! Be prepared for a semi-ranting post below. I do a lot of business online, shopping, paying my bills, buying tickets on Craigslist, paying for things using Paypal, etc. I have been VERY fortunate that in all of my business transactions online, especially when buying tickets from people […]

My dating Venn diagram

My friends share some pretty hilarious, true and interesting links online. And last week, TC shared something called the dating Venn diagram, which had me laughing while nodding my head in agreement. It’s tag line: “Venn Diagram describes your entire dating life in two pathetic circles.” Those circles are basically divided between “Guys who hit on me” and “Guys I […]

Back to blog!

Two weeks. I didn’t intend to take a two week hiatus from this blog, but once I got back from my unsuccessful dog sitting weekend, things got busy and then I was off for Los Angeles and Park City, UT. And boom, two weeks are gone. Summer is a tough time for me to keep this site updated too. I’m […]