Things I’m loving right now

Yep I’ve been a bad girl lately, buying things (without peer pressure) and sampling things that I end up falling in love with. Some things are more tangible than others and some aren’t that healthy for me either, but sh*t happens. Let’s take a look at some stuff I’m loving this fall, non-weather wise. Truffle honey butter – Was served this […]

Trying to cut the caffeine addiction

I have several vices: red wine, coffee, the very occasional cigarette and…soda. I love soda, especially non-diet, non-zero-calorie soda. On a hot day, I love a nice ice-cold beer, but sometimes, all I want is a sip of ice cold soda. The feeling of sugar hitting your veins is the best. It sounds like a drug, and sometimes, it feels […]

Moving to morning workouts

There are two types of workout people: morning and evenings. And until recently, I thought the morning people were crazy. Get up early…voluntarily? To…work out? NO WAY. I prefer to work out at night. I used that time to work off the days stress, clear my head and just relax. But working out at night takes a big commitment too. […]

Today is my 32nd birthday.

Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger again because of traveling. I will be recapping Seattle/Vancouver this week but rather than start blogging again with that, I’m writing about something else. Today is my 32nd birthday. Last year, I wrote about looking forward to starting my 30s without the “turning 30″ shadow over my head and going after (finally) what I […]

Good at Life?

I like to think that I give pretty good advice. Sometimes people ask for it, sometimes….they don’t, but I still offer it. I’m not saying I’m a guru at life or have had anything massively profound happen to make me an expert, but I listen and when it’s appropriate, I share my experiences in case that helps others in their […]

My obsession with the color purple

Nope, I’m not talking about the book, movie or even Oprah this time. I’m literally just talking about the color purple (and its friends, lavender, lilac, berry, etc.) My wardrobe and accessory collection have been infected with a case of the color purple. And it was totally unintentional. And fortunately, being infected with the color purple does not involve a […]

Death of the phone call

When I got my iPhone a few months ago, I picked a plan with the lowest number of minutes but highest data package. Someone I’m related to asked why and I answered without thinking, “because I never make phone calls, the minutes will never be fully used.” I thought I was crazy but according to a New York Times article, […]

Leadership-The Start

Let’s talk about leadership and being job optional. Leadership is what you need in a group situation, right? How to influence and guide people to get things done. Leaders are people that are respected and admired. Those that attract people and inspire them. But right now, it’s just me with the goal to get out of my job. I don’t […]

Early Retirement- what does it mean?

What does it mean to retire early? Is there a ‘right’ retirement age? The truth is that we’ve all been brainwashed. Let’s be brutally honest here. Retirement is an artificial milestone produced by the industrial age notion of a ‘job’ where you work for an employer for 45 years in return for money when you retire. That world doesn’t exist […]

How do you want to live?

There is more to life than making money and more to taking charge of your life than becoming an entrepreneur. Before you start doing anything, take the time to discover how you want to live each day/ What we are talking about here at JOB is more than not having a job or being an entrepreneur. It means taking control […]