Belated London recap

Cheerio readers! Or, the handful of you that might still be out there. Things have been a little crazy since I’ve been back.

But yes, I am back from the other side of the pond. Yes, the London adventure is in the books and it.was.amazing.

And honestly, my first overseas trip where everything just…fell in to place. Paris and Italy both had a few bumps but London was mostly bump-free, and I did not mind that!

I don’t even know how to start summarizing everything that happened or all of the awesome stuff I saw, but my inner history nerd is satiated with joy from what I saw/learned and my inner shopper is happy too (and a little poorer). So let’s hit some highlight/lowlights and some photos!


  • Buckingham Palace State Room Tour – The Palace State Rooms are open only two months out of the year (August/September) when the Queen is at Balmoral. I signed up for a private after-hours tour that ended in the gardens with a glass of champagne. Much like biking in Versailles, that was a moment of being truly happy
  • Big Ben – My first time in London, it took my breath away and it still does. I’m moderately obsessed with the structure and the Parliament building. I won’t tell you how many photos I have
  • Nerding out at British history – So many museums, castles and history at your finger tips, I truly could not get enough
  • Beer – It’s good there and so readily available. Almost ever bartender questioned if I could drink an entire pint solo, I proved them wrong 🙂
  • Shopping – London is expensive but the shopping is amazing. And not only at stores but at the markets too!
  • Abbey Road – I love the Beatles so seeing the studio exterior up close and the personal messages people left on the gate was so cool


  • Weather – Yes, I know it’s England but it still rained on/off every day and one day was ALL RAIN. Ugh.
  • Tube construction – The Tube is your main mode of transportation and my station was all but closed one day, extremely inconvenient

I really loved London and had a great time. Coming home was definitely bittersweet, but now I’m re-adjusted and back in reality (suck).

I cannot wait to go back. Solo adventures are on hold now until spring but coming soon: Costa Rica, possibly Spain and Greek Islands!!

How is everyone else? What’s new!


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