Another apartment pet peeve

I’ve developed another pet peeve about my apartment building. Yes, another one to add to the list, along with laundry room antics, fires and thin walls.

This one has to do with the buzzer to my apartment.

For safety, there is a buzzer intercom at my building entry that goes to each tenant’s apartment. And of course, you should not buzz in people you do not know.

Apparently, the few regularly drunk coeds in my building and their friends forget about this.

For the last month, I’ve received regular calls to my apartment from the intercom between 3-5 a.m. on weekends from those drunk friends wanting to be let in. I answered the first time, panicked that a friend was in trouble and coming to my place for help.

What greeted me was a slurring guy asking to be let in because his friend passed out and wasn’t responding to the buzzer in his apartment. For about a minute, I thought this guy was kidding. He woke me up at 4 a.m. to be let in? I told him no and then hung up, immediately then fearing he would somehow guess my apartment number once let in and come over to kill me. So a random golf club joined me in bed that night. Although, I didn’t really sleep much after that from adrenaline and nerves.

The first time it happened, I let it slip, but now, it’s a regular occurrence and it’s making me crazy. I’m already a light sleeper/borderline insomniac, so to wake me up from the little restless sleep I get, I get ANGRY.

I’ve even stopped answering the phone, but still barely sleep after that. So, I’ve started disconnecting the buzzer phone at night and telling close friends that if they need to come over due to an emergency, to call my cell phone. That is my gauge if something is really wrong.

What about you? Has this happened in your apartment building?

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