Aloha Hawaii

In my quest to take over the world, I’m ready to add another travel notch in my belt.

Hawaii, get off my list of places to see for the first time.

Yes, I spent seven days in the (insanely f*cking hot) sun and got sand in places I didn’t know was possible in Hawaii. Specifically, in Maui and Oahu.

And after a bumpy May, I was ready to get the hell out of Chicago and hit the beach.

So here are some things I learned on my trip and a few pictures too!

  • Some sights are so beautiful you can’t breathe, but you have to go off the beaten path. And never judge a place by it’s exterior. Many buildings look old but are perfectly normal inside
  • Speed limits are only about 15-45 mph and everyone drives slower than that #killingmeslowly
  • There is some amazing food (but restaurants/bars are only open until 10 usually)
  • For the love of God, please wear sunscreen. All day, every day

Overall, the trip and time away was awesome. I did great on my own (with some text help from home) and had a chance to make my biggest deadline of the day that I be on the beach by 7 pm to watch the sun set over the mountains. Seriously.

On a sentimental note, I’ve wanted to see Hawaii, and specifically Pearl Harbor since I was a kid. It was something on my life list and I had a moment when I saw the USS Arizona Memorial for the first time in person, like, THIS IS HAPPENING! It is a truly humbling moment.

Now I’m back in Chicago for summer and enjoying my tanned skin 🙂

And honestly, I’m in a bit of a travel flummox right now. I honestly don’t know where to go next!

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