Chicago neighborhood food crawls

I love food, and in Chicago there are no shortages of places to eat. There is no way to visit every place, so when a handful of new places I like open up around each other, I like to organize a little neighborhood crawl. It’s like a bar crawl but with food (and a few drinks). The intent isn’t to […]

Evolution of birthdays

I may play it cool but I love celebrating birthdays. And when you’re a kid, birthdays are like a mid-year Christmas. Huge parties, friends everywhere, running around, gifts and CAKE. As you get older, the birthday parties change a bit. Then, once you hit college and/or 21 (whatever comes first), it begins the next phase of celebrating, which involves copious […]

Turning the corner on the plague

The last week (nearly two) have not been exactly what I had in mind. I had wood burning pizza class plans, drinks and dinners with friends, work to do and a quick work trip to do too. The last thing still happened but overall, I have lost almost two weeks to (what I now refer to it as) the plague. […]

Five Days in Napa

Of all my solo vacations, one of my favorites was Napa Valley. It was my second solo vacation and the longest (at that time). And for seven days, I rotated between wine tasting, dining out, walking around and being deliciously buzzed. It was heaven. And, two years after being in Napa for the first time, I got to go back, […]