Things I’m loving right now

Yep I’ve been a bad girl lately, buying things (without peer pressure) and sampling things that I end up falling in love with. Some things are more tangible than others and some aren’t that healthy for me either, but sh*t happens. Let’s take a look at some stuff I’m loving this fall, non-weather wise. Truffle honey butter – Was served this […]

Advice from men to women

I read advice to women about men with a healthy bit of skepticism. Not in a man-hating sense, but I find the advice often humorous, and a tad off base. Or it is so general that I cannot imagine women actually behaving in that way. So when I saw RT’s of Peter’s post titled 20 pieces of advice for women […]

Balancing the life trifecta

While catching up with Nic last week, I explained my crazy concept of the “life trifecta” and how mine is slowly getting back in balance. The life trifecta are the three things that keep you sane and stable in your life. Mine are: Work, friends/family and apartment These are the things that keep me grounded, balanced and feeling like I’m […]