Online fraud makes me very angry

I’m mad as h*ll today and I’m not going to take it anymore! Be prepared for a semi-ranting post below. I do a lot of business online, shopping, paying my bills, buying tickets on Craigslist, paying for things using Paypal, etc. I have been VERY fortunate that in all of my business transactions online, especially when buying tickets from people […]

My dating Venn diagram

My friends share some pretty hilarious, true and interesting links online. And last week, TC shared something called the dating Venn diagram, which had me laughing while nodding my head in agreement. It’s tag line: “Venn Diagram describes your entire dating life in two pathetic circles.” Those circles are basically divided between “Guys who hit on me” and “Guys I […]

Back to blog!

Two weeks. I didn’t intend to take a two week hiatus from this blog, but once I got back from my unsuccessful dog sitting weekend, things got busy and then I was off for Los Angeles and Park City, UT. And boom, two weeks are gone. Summer is a tough time for me to keep this site updated too. I’m […]

Weekend recap: Dog sitting reality check

Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. It was gorgeous in Chicago but I was Wisconsin, dog sitting my adorable fur nephew…. ….and getting a huge reality check. Dog sitting is hard. Like, really, really hard. Maybe I was spoiled with my previous fur nephew visits where it was all loves and snuggles and kisses and joy all the […]

Playing puppy bonus mom

This weekend, I’m trekking north to my second favorite state to attend a retirement and graduation party. I’m also playing “bonus mom” or “super auntie” to one of the loves of my life: my fur nephew Steve. And I’m scared sh*tless. Sure, I’ve been around him before but my bro and SIL were there and they knew what to do […]